Sele’s Doritos~ 2 Weeks

This is a pack of fat, happy babies! Eyes are all at least partially open, if you look close, you might be able to tell.






Congratulations Sele and Oso!

Today we welcome 8 beautiful new little souls, 5 females and 3 males. Sele, did a fabulous job bringing her new babies into the world today. Afterwards, she posed for a few photos and had a bite to eat. At the moment everyone is taking a much deserved nap. Good job Sele!


*****SOLD***** These Girls Need a Job and a Family

img_2350img_1881img_1882Offering to the right home; Jubilee and Chimera are a well started two year old sibling pair, ¾ Spanish Mastiff and 1/8 each Maremma and Anatolian Shepherd. They have extensive experience with sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits, as well as cats and small children. Both girls are very well socialized and walk well on a lead and willingly jump into a vehicle, all important if you ever need to transport them. Sadly, their owner was unable to keep them. They have been here for a month and are doing a fabulous job filling in for my two pregnant females. They are incredibly versatile girls and have performed well guarding both sheep and goats. They are completely safe with chickens and if introduced properly with small dogs as well. I cannot say enough good things about these girls, they are so steady and just a pleasure to work with.They will be spayed on February 16th, so will be available for pick up the first week of March. Because they are ready and able to meet so many requirements, the girls have a couple of their own; they must go as a pair, and they will do better in a home where they receive daily human contact, as they were raised on a small family farm. Interested parties can contact me via email at or private message me on FB.

The Rock Stars Are Going to Have Siblings!

We are excited to announce Sele and Oso are expecting a repeat of last years “Rock Star” litter on or around February 17th. These will be 3/4 Spanish Mastiff and 1/8 each Maremma and Anatolian Shepherd. This will be Sele’s last litter and our last LGD cross litter. Congratulations Sele and Oso!

Photos of last years litter can be found here:

I will also be updating these soon so check back often!

Merry Christmas from Sele, Oso, Besi, Cabo, and Brava🎄

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Happy Thanksgiving! Our Spanish Mastiffs Are Loving The Snow

All the Spanish Mastiffs came out to celebrate the first real snowfall this season, even the sheep and pack parental figures Sele and Oso had to venture out and play, as everyone had to dogpile on Besi (she loves that!). Cabo and Brava are running circles around everyone as usual….To celebrate the holiday, they’ll all be enjoying  turkey bone broth for the next few days along with their normal diet of raw meaty bones, organ meats, fresh raw eggs, and a little goats milk. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This Is Why I Put A Kiddie Pool In The Pasture

Our Spanish Mastiffs, love their kiddie pools! We have them in different areas on the property for our dogs because they work hard guarding our livestock, poultry, and home and ask nothing in return. They are brave, loyal, and are wonderful companions as well as guardians. One of our ways of showing gratitude is to make their job a little more comfortable and of course it’s always so much fun to watch them play!

Mentor Dogs are Awesome!

A really great benefit of raising puppies in a pack atmosphere is that there are usually one or two dogs who act as mentors to puppies. During the first few months, this is a fairly easy job. However, as puppies head into adolescence they require more attention, especially if there is only one. Because they don’t have a puppy partner in crime, they usually have one or two lambs or kids who are willing to jump around and play with them. As cute as this seems, it’s a bad habit that must never be allowed to get started. While I love hearing from my buyers how well their 14 week old babies are doing, the real test comes between the ages of 6 months up to around 18 months. This is when they really need to be supervised, because they’re big enough to actually injure a lamb or ewe and to develop chasing behaviors that quickly become very difficult to break. Cabo, our 8 month old Spanish import, has been toying with the idea over the past week or two, so he is now in with Sele and Oso during the day. Oso, is kind dog, he will place himself between lambs and Cabo, if they look like they’re getting feisty, but keeps things pretty cool. Sele, on the other hand, is a little more proactive. In this video, she had just put Cabo on the ground for being too forward with these lambs, and is watching to make sure he doesn’t repeat the livestock foul. Watch the body language going on between all three dogs, excuse the occasional fingers in the shot, and enjoy the video!

This Afternoon

I love walking out in the afternoon to this scene, and I get it in some form on a daily basis! No puppies, kidding, or lambing until Spring now, it’s not yet time for Fall breeding,  we just have a few weeks of down time for everyone, and really, it’s too hot for anything else! Sele and Oso don’t even have to supervise Brava and Cabo at the moment because they’re passed out in the shade too!