Sometimes We Just Have to Show Off Baby Goats

Last night, our doe Pigeon presented us with 3 beautiful kids, 1 buckling and 2 doelings. I knew she was close because Besi, our latest mama in waiting parked herself in front of Pigeons pen yesterday afternoon and started growling off the pups when they wandered too close. She didn’t even want to leave Pigeon to go eat her dinner, I had to bring it to her….I love this dedication our Spanish Mastiffs display, and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to own such fabulous dogs! At approximately 10:30 last night Besi and helped Pigeon welcome these three little beauties to the world.


Happy Eclipse Day From Hoof and Fang Spanish Mastiffs!

While Oso, Cabo, Joe, and our Bucks preferred to go with the standard Wayfarer look in eclipse protection, the girls (dogs, ewes and does) all chose the cat eye look in individual colors. Vex, our Manx mouse hunter insisted on mirrored aviators, in keeping with his shady cat image, and our hens were fabulous…..the roosters, in a testosterone fueled rage, all indicated they would rather go blind than be seen wearing glasses and spent the entire eclipse staring into the sun, and crowing insults.

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And Now For Something Completely Different

It’s been a very busy Spring here, raising a litter of puppies and getting them ready for their new homes. In addition, we added two new imports to our Spanish Mastiff family! This week, we also added a new addition to our dairy goats. Please join us in welcoming GCH Goldthwaite Alanna!  Llana comes to us from Nevada Stars Dairy Goats in Springcreek NV. Here she is joining her daughter Nevada Stars Something Spicy, and the rest of our dairy girls, some of who she knows from Nevada Stars. The reunion between Llana and Spicy was adorable and I think the rest of the girls like her too! Thank you Jennifer and Mary for this beautiful lady! I hope you enjoy the video.