This is a list of our male dogs currently eligible for breeding….

Tiles de Abelgas (Cabo) DOB 11/2015

Height 38”

Weight 198 lbs.


Embark CLEAR

Cardiac, thyroid, kidney and liver function normal exp. 03/2022

Cabo, who at the time of this post is the only OFA excellent rated male Spanish Mastiff in the US, is a tall, chill guy. He runs his pasture with an easygoing attitude that allows younger, intact males here to coexist in the same area easily with him. Cabo is a diligent working dog, who always effectively tends our ewe and does during lambing and kidding while leaving them enough space to feel comfortable. He will remind youngsters to do the same. Cabo can be aloof with strange adults, however he loves children and has been known to jump a pasture fence or two to accompany our grandchildren around the property while they visit. Conversely, he has only hopped a fence to leave the property one time in order to retrieve a panic stricken lamb who had managed to go under the fence. His presence calmed her and he led her back to the pasture gate where I was waiting to let them back in. Good help like that is hard to find! Cabo has fathered 7 fabulous litters with 6 of our females, and we expect to see more beautiful, stable tempered puppies from Cabo in the future.

Tomas de Serylu (Tomas) DOB 05/2019

Height 37.5”

Weight 200 lbs.

Hip Rating – PennHip Right DI .37/ Left DI .26

Embark Clear

Cardiac, thyroid, kidney and liver function normal, exp 12/2021

Tomas is an incredibly sweet soul, who likes to get along and never loses his cool. He can transition from pasture guardian to an event in a park full of people as an ambassador for his breed easily and enjoys both roles. Despite his size and weight, Tomas is very gentle with our smaller animals and can usually be found with one or two lambs and or puppies cuddled up next to him on cold days. We expect to see very substantial , stable tempered puppies from Tomas later this year!

Madridsky Dvor Yamir DOB 02/2019

Height 36”

Weight 205 lbs.

Hip Rating prelim Good, PennHip pending

Embark clear

Cardiac, kidney, liver and thyroid function normal, exp 04/2022

Yamir is our wild man! I can honestly say I have never met another Spanish Mastiff who embraces everything in life like Yamir. He plays hard, works hard, and is one of the most affectionate dogs here. His heart knows no boundaries. Yamir came to us at almost a year old after being confined to a kennel since his arrival from Russia at 12 weeks old, so was full of exuberance, but with zero training. While he is good with adult livestock, and surprisingly….poultry, he still gets a bit too excited for newborn lambs and kids, so he is currently guarding our Kune Kune pigs, chickens and turkeys with a couple of partners. I do hope to have time to continue his training this year, as I believe any dog who can be trusted loose with turkeys and chickens can learn to be trusted with anything. Yamir loves road trips, and has accompanied us more than once when we deliver puppies working as both a nanny, and as an ambassador for the breed. We hope to see a litter from Yamir late this year or early 2022, and many more in the future.