List of our females currently eligible for breeding by early 2022.

Hoof and Fangs Marcia DOB 02/09/2017

Height 35”

Weight 178 lbs.

Cardiac, kidney, liver and thyroid function normal, exp. 02/2022

Embark Clear

Marcia is my rock. I can depend on her to manage my ewe and lamb pasture, or pull her out any time and take her on a road trip, use her as an ambassador for the breed, or turn her loose to protect the grandkids as they roam the property. Her first litter is now 18 months old and are working well in their new homes and so far 4 out of the litter have very good hip x rays (see Harley and Dixie below). Her parents hips scored OFA excellent and good, and she has two sisters who also scored OFA good.This will be Marcia’s last litter as I retire and spay my girls before their 6th birthday.

Madridsky Dvor Yunona (Bella) DOB 02/2019

Height 33

Weight 155 lbs.

PennHip DI – Right .54 Left .44

Cardiac, kidney, liver and thyroid function normal, exp. 02/2022

Embark clear

Bella came to us at the age of 6 months. She transitioned from a pampered indoor pet to one of the most effective working dogs on the property practically overnight, once again illustrating that guardian dog instincts are both inherited and environmental. While Bella is not terribly dominant, she is at this time, my most effective mentor for younger dogs and puppies as she is willing to watch and correct them if they become inappropriately interested in the livestock. Bella is a friendly, outgoing girl off property, but is very serious about guarding her property and livestock.

Madridsky Dvor Bakira DOB 04/2019

Height 31.5”

Weight 135 lbs.

PennHip DIRight .53 Left .49

Embark clear

Cardiac, liver, kidney and thyroid function normal, exp 03/2022

Bakira is the sweetest personality here. I have never met a more gentle, affectionate soul. Bakira also came to us later in life at just over a year old, after living in a kennel since she arrived from Russia as a young puppy. She has never once chased, played with, or even barked at any of our livestock animals or poultry. She naturally stepped into the role of guardian and nurturer wherever I put her. She will back up any of our more dominant dogs during a confrontation. I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful girl!

Hoof and Fangs Faith DOB 11/2018

Height 34.5

Weight 172 lbs


Cardiac, kidney, liver, and thyroid function normal, exp 07/2021.

Faith is one of our home bred girls I retained for breeding. She’s a more dominant girl, and is a fierce guardian. She is also very loyal and is one of my more aloof dogs around strangers, usually just checking in to make sure everything is okay and then going back to her sheep. She adores new puppies and can be most often found babysitting the current litter in the pasture while mom catches a nap. Faith will be bred late 2021/early 2022 to Tomas.

Hoof and Fangs Harley DOB 01/2020

Height 32”

Weight 142 lbs

PennHip DI – Right .48, L .40

Embark pending

Cardiac, kidney, liver, and thyroid functionpending

Harley was bred here and retained for breeding. She is not yet 2 and still has some growing to do. Harley is an outgoing girl who has turned into a great guardian. I can put her anywhere and know she’ll do her job well. She is stable, and good natured, and enjoys taking time off to play with the grandkids. We will be breeding Harley in 2022, after she finishes all her health testing. I will be posting updated photos of Harley as she continues to grow.