Sele’s Doritos Are 4 Weeks Old, and Are Out With The Pack

The Doritos are now old enough to take their place outside with the rest of the pack and livestock. They are pretty exhausted at the moment as they spent the morning moving, having photos taken and meeting everyone, after a big meal of goats milk and ground beef, they cuddled up with mom and are taking a well earned nap!


Merry Christmas from Sele, Oso, Besi, Cabo, and Brava🎄

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Our Photos Have a New Look!

img_1602This week we learned a valuable lesson; watermark your photos before posting! It was brought to our attention that another kennel has been using our photos on their FB page and website  misrepresenting our dogs and puppies as theirs. While imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, we would prefer our photos remain our own and not be misrepresented as belonging to someone else. Here is a sample of what they will look like in the future, enjoy the photos!