Diet and Nutrition

Nutrition is a huge factor in raising healthy puppies, as well as maintaining the health of your working dog at all stages of its life. Because puppies reach more than 80% of their adult height by the time they are a year old, there is no time to waste when addressing proper nutrition, especially with a giant breed like the Spanish Mastiff.

We have worked together with our veterinarian to develop the best possible diet for our Spanish Mastiffs. We currently feed both adult dogs and puppies a partial raw diet consisting of a high quality kibble, and various forms of raw meat (primarily chicken and lamb).  We also occasionally add organ meat, raw eggs, and fresh goat’s milk.

When feeding our Spanish Mastiff puppies, it is essential to keep calories and minerals at appropriate levels in order to prevent accelerated growth, and/or obesity.  Remember, size is dictated by genetics. Your puppy will attain optimal growth and avoid many health issues if he or she is kept a bit on the lean side.  This will aid in the formation of healthy hips and joints.

We have included a raw diet “cheat sheet” for those interested in pursuing a raw diet for their dogs.

Raw Feeding Cheat Sheet.jpg


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