Our Goals

We are a small farm/ranch in the Northeastern Nevada high desert located between Salt Lake City and Reno. Our initial focus, was to raise sheep, dairy goats, and chickens for the purpose of contributing to a more healthy and self-sustaining lifestyle. For various reasons, predation, and the fact that we’re dog lovers (this is the most important), we decided that Livestock Guardian Dogs would be the best way to guard our livestock and property.

While our interests still include raising livestock for a healthier lifestyle, after raising our wonderful Spanish Mastiffs and other livestock guardians for four years we have fallen in love with them! Our goal is to produce good, working, pure bred Spanish Mastiffs, from our superior, working Spanish bloodlines. We only import from breeders in Spain who raise their dogs in livestock. Although we have recently added some Russian dogs to our pack. We also socialize our puppies to small children dogs, and cats, important if you are interested in a well-rounded puppy, who is confident in various situations. Producing Spanish Mastiff puppies of this quality is essential in my opinion and it is what we want to give our clients.

There is an increasing need for a larger LGD, such as the Spanish Mastiff in this country. So many more people are now working on smaller acreage and with smaller numbers of livestock. The Spanish Mastiff is that versatile it can guard large numbers of livestock over thousands of acres, they do it in Spain on a daily basis. However, they do not challenge fences, nor do they need to take frequent long runs in order to burn off excess energy, they are a more relaxed, laid back kind of dog so they work well on smaller farms too. Once you own a Spanish Mastiff, you never want anything else!  They are large enough, that their size is normally enough to deter any predator from challenging their boundaries. And if they must engage, also large enough to prevail over larger predators such as wolves and mountain lions. The essence of the Spanish Mastiff is to intimidate threats by sheer size and the volume and nature of their lion- like warning barks. Our Spanish Mastiffs, true to breed, will protect livestock while remaining alongside or nearby the flock. They will be your partners in all you do and need for your livestock.

Please click on the link below for the official Spanish Mastiff Standard.

Click to access 091g02-en.pdf


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  1. The site looks great! Beautiful photos. Had no idea you were working on a website. Still want to try some of your goat cheese when its ready.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Brian! First, thanks so much for your interest! All the puppies from our two current litters have been placed, however if you’re interested in our next litter I would be happy to send you an application. Please just send a request for an application to hoofandfang@gmail.com and I’ll get one right out to you. Have a blessed day!


      1. Hello,
        As instructed, please forward by email a copy of your contract application for the sale and purchase of a top quality pedigreed pure male Spanish Mastiff puppy.
        Please send photos and pedigree information on any and all planned makings in the near future.
        I am interested in a male pup that is to standard and is conformative in size, mass and height. Like the tiger coloration as well as reds, tans and grays
        Thanks and send information on price and delivery


  2. Hello, looks like you said you have two litters planned for this spring..how do we get in contact about details?



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