Harley and Dixie

I’ve decided to sell Harley and Dixie, I will only allow them to go as a pair. They are both very experienced working dogs and do need a job together wherever they go. They both have experience guarding sheep, goats, including Nigerian Dwarfs, Kune Kune pigs, turkeys, and chickens. They have both been through a few lambing and kidding seasons, and are currently guarding my Nigerian Dwarf does and their kids. Both are health tested and certified through PennHip. You can see both girls by clicking the link to Females on this site. If interested contact me via email here: hoofandfang@hoofandfangfarm

2 thoughts on “Harley and Dixie

  1. They are very nice. I sure could use them with my dorpers. That said I am sure I can’t afford them at this time. I have had Anatolians and Pyrenees but found them to roam too much. We have six acres in Tonopah, AZ. Appreciate your conscientious breeding. Thanks, Beth Ruh Burns


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