Madridsky Dvor Yuonona (Bella)

Even when she’s wet and full of mud she’s a beauty❤️

Bella with Dixie, her shadow
Best grin ever!
It’s time to put the kiddie pools out!

I keep telling them….

They could get out with the pack and livestock earlier if they’d quit messing around and eat🙄 Opie is the only one who listens.

Dixie and Harley stomping each other while Opie goes for the food…

Keeping the peace….

Observing pack dynamics is one of my favorite things to do, and sometimes I even get video. Cabo, with a very beat up muzzle from an encounter with a badger several days ago is not in the mood for Harley’s advances. Faith and Nellie very gently put themselves between dad and pup and nudge Cabo away while Marcia and Rylie move Harley in the other direction….problem solved!