Some videos of Hillbillies in their natural habitat…

Playing with Auntie Faith
Rylie watching over Demi the Kune Kune and a few of her fans…
Hanging out with some sheep…
A little bit of everyone, but mostly Jed harassing Tomas

Hillbillies Week 6.5

Here they are….everyone has doubled in weight over the past two weeks, they grow so fast….I don’t think I’ve seen a more confident litter of puppies! They’ve been out with the sheep, pigs, poultry and other pack members and while some of the older puppies were a little over rambunctious with the new kids initially, Marcia made it very clear that was not acceptable behavior and things have calmed down. I’ll be calling my buyers over the next week and discussing the individual puppies characteristics, and personality traits, and will be posting several videos of puppies interacting with the livestock and pack members. For now, here are individual shots taken this afternoon of each puppy.


Hillbillies Week 5

This was a busy week for everyone! Puppies moved outside and humans tore down and replaced fencing, removed some old dead trees, trimmed hooves and banded the last of the lambs. No individual photos this week but here’s a couple of photos of the older dogs checking out the new babies and a a cute video. See you next week!

The Hillbillies are 4 weeks old!

They’re growing like weeds and are so cute! They just had lunch so their faces might be a little wet from the pre photo shoot face washings. Each photo has name, collar color and weight as of today…. there’s also a pretty cute video, enjoy!

Opie pink collar 6.1 lbs
Opie pink collar 6.1 lbs

Sadie yellow collar 5.1 lbs
Sadie yellow collar 5.1 lbs

Dixie aqua collar 5.2 lbs
Jethro red collar 5.9 lbs

Harley purple collar 7.8 lbs
Harley purple collar 7.8 lbs

Sookie green collar 6.6 lbs
Sookie green collar 6.6 lbs

Jethro red collar 5.9 lbs
Dixie aqua collar 5.1lbs

Jed gray collar 5.4 lbs
Jed gray collar 5.4 lbs

Amos lt blue collar 6.1 lbs
Amos light blue collar 6.1 lbs

Lulu lavender collar 6.1 lbs.
Lulu lavender collar 6.1 lbs




Ymir and Bella are really growing up fast!

And what a couple of beauties they are! These almost yearling pups have been on their own guarding our pregnant does for the past two months and are doing a spectacular job. I’m really looking forward to kidding in March, even if we are having some very interesting weather fluctuations (these photos were taken one day after the video!) Thank you Natasha Prudnik and Laura Underwood for two fabulous young dogs❤️