Sheep drama, and Cabo….the laidback one.

We had a very interesting start to our morning today. Full of sheep drama, and worried dogs. At about 1:30 I went out to check on everyone….all was quiet. I went back in, banked the fire and went to sleep. At 5:30 I woke up to the sound of multiple new lambs crying. I threw on some sweats and some shoes and walked outside. The first thing I saw was two ewes wrestling and head butting each other. Then 3 very newborn lambs mulling around crying, Cabo trying to break up the ewes, and Marcia standing between the fighting ewes and the lambs. Both looked at me as if to say “a little help over here!”

Apparently the two ewes had lambed right next to each other at about the same time. The older ewe had a pair of twins, and knew which two were hers. However, the other ewe, a first time mama at some point after cleaning her baby became confused and was butting her lamb, while trying to steal one of the other lambs. After segregating the new mama and her lamb, she figured it out….and all was peaceful. Cabo and Marcia were very relieved, and Besi went back to sleep, because she’s Besi.

Here’s a video of Cabo demonstrating his chill personality during another labor and delivery….

This video doesn’t exist

And one of Cabo telling Marcia in not so chill terms to get away from his ewe and her lambs….they do have their favorites!

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