When you have more than one adolescent…..

Because we have gained several adolescents over the past several weeks; we have had to up our game a bit with training. Spanish Mastiffs are instinctive and nurturing guardians when bred properly, so they are characteristically easy to work with. However, when training multiples to go into their new homes as well started guardians, you cannot be everywhere at once to stop “fails” before they occur. While my adults dogs and older ewes do a great job reprimanding puppies, I don’t expect them to carry the entire burden with several large adolescents. This is where tethering can help. Yuta and Bella have both spent several days in with the sheep and they’re doing a really great job. If it weren’t for the fact that my ewes are due to lamb this week, they would be loose. However, these girls are very young, they haven’t been here long enough to be completely trustworthy as some of the pups who were raised here have been, and lambing is a stressful time for young dogs. In order for Yuta and Bella to remain with these ewes during lambing, I chose to tether them to prevent any fails. They find the entire process boring, but that’s sort of the idea! I’ll be interested to see their reaction when lambing begins.

Yuta finds the process pretty boring…..Marcia and Cabo are hanging around for support.

The ewes love Cabo….
Besi and Cabo getting ear scratches…
Bella, the snooze queen.

Bella displaying the proper way to behave when the sheep stroll by.

Bella….she does what she wants