Tomas’ First Outing

While we’ve always advocated starting our puppies in the house and establishing a strong bond between family and LGD while also teaching basic manners and of course including our puppies in daily routines and chores; we have not made a practice of outside socialization. We have decided to include this very important part of raising a confident dog with well developed discernment skills in the future. So, here is Tomas on his first outing. I think he had a good time making new friends!

Meeting new friends at K9 Excel Cafe, owned and operated by our good friend Renee
Tomas got to choose his own toy while waiting for us to finish shopping.

Later we stopped for a Puppercino
Heading home….

First Day of School Here Too!

Tomas is a pretty smart little guy. Notice the body language? Everything about his posture tells all the other animals that he’s not a threat, but he never lost his nerve and ran away. The dogs have been through this enough times now their reaction is pretty predictable. “Hey new little guy what’s up? Okay gotta get back to work see ya!” I love my dogs❤️

Later, in the afternoon, he spent some quality time harassing Josin….yes Josin is a saint!

Meeting the New Kid

Josin, amazing as always! He immediately took Tomas under his wing. Faith just wants him to chase her!