How Marcia Spent Her Morning

This young ewe decided to lamb out in the wind and rain because apparently no self respecting ewe lambs in a barn or shed. She and Marcia have grown up together on this little pasture, Marcia spent her first 4 weeks in the house, and then moved outside with her mom and litter mates, where this ewe was born. I spent hours just staying back and observing all the interactions, and learning….they have so much to teach if you just take yourself out of the way and observe! It’s been a real privilege to be able to watch the formation of this bond between my dogs and their livestock. Marcia won’t be 2 until later this month. This is her second lambing season on this pasture because she has the benefit of great bloodlines and an environment where she was taught correct behaviors by her pack members and her sheep. I’m just the lady that brings the food and scratches the ears and bellies😂❤️😂




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