Josin, Part 2…..Can a Dog as Big as a Spanish Mastiff Use a Jump Gate?

Absolutely! And if it’s Josin he looks good doing it!❤️


Even the brattiest goat on the planet can’t shake Josin’s cool…..and Thule won’t even pay attention!😂😂😂

This guy never lets anything ruffle his feathers, he’s the king of chill. I did get a kick at the look he gave me at the end. Thule just thinks the perimeter is way more interesting than these two clowns.

Our First New Babies of 2019

One of each! Besi and Marcia are pretty excited about them!2ACE4DD6-6DC8-4CC5-B3C1-D1C2047ADEE0BBE1EDD7-6E11-43B8-B573-0A59E977E82C44755746-982F-4DD1-A37C-D999873CFF5DB60A4480-8008-4AE3-A7F1-5209CF0A50BE964BA68A-EB41-42F6-AF27-71B823B7754BD399056D-C59B-4661-83CF-73D2A91ED301