June so far….

We’re heading into summer, and everyone is taking advantage of the last of spring. Zee and Cilla have become part of the pack and already have very deep barks, and are growing so fast! They are confident and good natured girls. Cersei has become their self appointed mentor, she protects them from cranky ewes and corrects them when they play too close to the sheep. She reminds me a bit of Sele because she does not tolerate any nonsense.

In the first video, Josin, Marcia, and Thule are heading to their favorite spots, while Oso sits in my lap….yes MY LAP as I brush out some of his undercoat. The weather is turning hot and everyone is blowing coat. I think it’s time to set up the kiddie pools.

Thule, has also become a fully integrated pack member and as you can see in the second video, she is also bonding well to her sheep. Besi and Tiles (Cabo) are my two night owls so missed out today, they will come alive later this afternoon at feeding time, when they will play and interact with the rest of the pack and then take over guarding for the night. The photos all speak for themselves….literally, they’re captioned! Not sure how I ended up with the two black and white photos, but I liked them, hope you do too.

Oso getting some undercoat removed. From left to right Josin, Marcia, and Thule.
Brava is a fabulous guardian, and mentor dog.
Arcilla de le Reguera, with her sister Pizzara de la Reguera


Josin del Picu San Martin
I told him to smile for the camera….
Thinking about what image he wants to project.,..
That face 😂
Classic Josin!
Dogs n sheep.,,
Cersei and Pizzara (Zee)
Cersei has taken charge of Cilla and Zee, she’s a great mentor!