Marcia and Josin have adopted…

….a bottle lamb! This is little Milkshake (named by our 4 year old grandson) Three times a day they bring her up to get her bottle. They watch over her and yesterday I watched Marcia lead her to shelter during a hail storm.  Marcia and Josin just turned a year old in February, I am very impressed with their nurturing and guarding instincts…..this is how it’s done!


Introducing Arcilla and Pizzara de la Reguera

Finally! Arcilla (Cilla) and Pizzara (Zee) (Sofia de Fuente Mimbre x Titan de Fuente Sayud) spent their first morning meeting the sheep and their new mentors and pack members. We are thrilled to add these fabulous bloodlines to our pack and look forward to watching these two beautiful girls grow into the guardians they were bred to be. Many thanks to Mario, Arantza, and Alberto for producing such beautiful dogs. We hope you enjoy the slideshow and video of the girls first outing.

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Horsin’ Around….

Cersei, Marcia, Thule, Josin and Cabo at the end….and a very loud, photobombing ewe 🤨

Don’t be nervous! We check out all our new guardians….

I only wish I’d started recording earlier! This is our newest girl Thule de Cerro del Viento, she had a sheep parade following her around the fence line, and came to rest here. Welcome Thule! Love, your new sheep❤️