Time to Catch Up on Puppies!

 We have had some winter weather! Snow, wind, and low temps have made it somewhat difficult to get good photos and video, as our animals prefer to stay in their shelters. However, today was warmer and dryer so everyone was a bit more cooperative. We also brought two bottle lambs home, and they are getting acquainted with mom’s, puppies, and goats. The first photos are 7 and 8 week photos of the puppies. In the last video, Isabelle found a turkey neck her mama was saving for later, and she does NOT want to give it back! Enjoy!


Snow…it was bound to show up sometime


The good news is everyone seems to be enjoying it!

I was a little surprised to see Besi and her girls out when I went out to break ice…

Happy Birthday Josin del Picu San Martin!

Our sweet Josin is a year old today. It  seems like just yesterday we met him for the first time. Josin who was bred by Mastines del Picu San Martin (Pamela de Meandros de Mora Mastines x Nogal de la Reguera) has been an absolute joy. He has grown into a very solid protector of our livestock and more recently, puppies, and as anyone can see he is absolutely gorgeous!

We are right in the middle of lambing and Josin has done a fabulous job giving up space to our ewes as they bring their new little ones into the world, I couldn’t be more proud of him. Thanks so much to Marta Bango for this fabulous dog, I cannot say enough good things about him! Better to let these recent photos and video speak for themselves.


In this first video, Josin is trying to stay close to this ewe who has just delivered twins. Notice how he respects her space when she puts her head down to let him know he is too close. He demonstrates fabulous inherent instincts, that no amount of training can instill.

In this video, Josin is demonstrating his babysitting abilities while mama snoozes in the corner. As you can see the puppies love him and he’s pretty fond of them too!