Cersei’s Puppies First Day Out

This morning was a pretty exciting time for everyone. Cersei’s puppies figured out how to crawl out of their shed at 3 ½ weeks old, and are now able to explore and meet the other dogs, sheep, and on the other side of their pen some of our Nigerian Dwarf does and kids. In this first video Cersei is hovering a little, while Brava, Josin, and Marcia crowd the fence to meet the new additions.

In this second video, from the right of the screen to the left Josin, Brava and Oso and some of the sheep are checking out the new puppies while Cersei supervises.. You may be able to hear Brava growling a warning at the two males. As we learned with last years litters, she is very protective of puppies.

In this last video, Josin finally gets one of the puppies to himself and becomes very protective of their space, you can see him growling off the other dogs on both sides. In addition, notice the body language he displayed as he flattened himself to the ground and tried to make himself small and less intimidating to the puppy. I was a little surprised to see this young male, who is not yet a year old show so much interest in these tiny pups, but it’s another example of the nurturing spirit of this breed.

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