Josin del Picu San Martin….I Couldn’t Ask for More

Not only is he incredibly handsome, he is also one of the sheeps favorites. I really think this is related to his slow, confident manner. Nothing ruffles Joe’s feathers except predators. He is only 9 months old and already a force to be reckoned with. My thanks to Marta Bango for sending me such a fabulous puppy!26038833-0FAF-4987-A1DF-4E66C4EBB2620543893C-1190-4E90-A77E-4968C005573C7FD849A5-7363-44F7-ADAB-E70050DD94BE5ECEF09C-6D8D-44DF-99BC-7832E45C1565EE14F0DF-913E-454A-AB2C-02A9D2356577

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