Finally Fall!

Our Spanish Mastiffs and their livestock are enjoying the cooler weather! Oso is getting a much needed grooming session with lots of hugs…..


Marcia getting some indoor time with Chase. I am amazed that this 7 month old puppy who I refer to as “Marcia the Barbarian” because of her energetic rampages, actually dials that energy down to sloth mode when she is with small children…..

Marcia and Chase
Marcia having some indoor play time with four year old Chase…

The pack early this morning, they’ve migrated from sleeping under the trees for shade to sleeping out in the open now that the weather has cooled off. I was trying for a shot of them all asleep but apparently my sneaking skills leave much to be desired!

Besi and Brava in the background, Cersei and Josin heading to the gate for breakfast and Oso in the forefront, he knows I’ll bring his food to him!
 I startled Cersei and Josin while they were sleeping. I love the way they jumped up and stood back to back.
Oso (front) Cersei (middle) Besi in the background….
Cabo saying good morning to the ewes….