Breakfast; Grown Ups vs Puppies


I have to laugh a little at the way the youngsters come running at meal times. Notice Besi and Oso stay where they are? That’s because they know I’ll bring their breakfast out to them if they’re patient. At almost 4 years old they also know they have no competition. This is not uncommon in a pack where hierarchy has been established. There is still a lot of competition between Marcia and Josin at 5 months old. Marcia likes to store her breakfast and then try to raid Josin’s stash, however he is very capable of protecting his food so the squabbles are very short lived, then they settle down together and eat in peace . Cabo and Brava are both a  bit more patient, they wait for me to hand them their breakfast, as does Cersei. No matter where I hand the food over, everyone has a favorite spot to settle down once all the food is handed out.

Josin and Marcia, finally settled down. As you can see, Brava has finished her breakfast and is now hoping someone walks away from theirs!
Cersei in her favorite spot….protected on 3 sides.
Oso likes to eat out in the open….
Brava enjoying her pork neck in the shade, the turkey neck is already history!
Besi prefers the pasture…
Cabo’s favorite spot is in the furthest shelter, and he will not eat until I walk away!

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