Today 5/17/17

Today is Chili’s last day with our pack, he will be heading to CA tomorrow to join Lynn and Mike Hodson’s pack, where he will meet his two half sisters Juju and Kai. Here is a photo of Chili with two of his favorite playmates and two videos. The first is just Chili being cute, and the second is Chili and his mama playing together….well Chili getting rolled around by his mama might be more accurate. The top photo, is the one that means the most to me. Our dogs here are very protective of their puppies. Until they reach somewhere around 4 months old, puppies are not normally allowed to spend a lot of time hanging around our fencelines, particularly our gates. If a pup catches the attention of an older dog they will usually run them off. Our Great Pyrenees, Thor began a tradition, or ritual that started with Sele and Violet and continues with every puppy who reaches that age here. Today I happened to look outside and saw Sele, Besi, and Brava with Cersei and Chili very deliberately walking the fence line, I grabbed a jacket and headed out there, but all I got was this one photo of the girls coming back and Chili sitting in front of the gate. However I feel fortunate to have caught at least the tail end of this cool doggie tradition. I’m also surprised that Chili was invited along at this age, he’ll be 12 weeks old tomorrow. It is almost like they know he is leaving in the morning and decided to give him a fabulous send off. Good luck in your new home Chili, we will look forward to hearing about your new adventures and watching you grow into the wonderful guardian you were bred to be!


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