Consistency, It’s In The Bloodlines

The other day I snapped this photo of Besi’s daughter Marcia (bottom photo). It reminded me so much of several photos I have of Besi, (middle photo) and of a photo I happened to have in my files of Besi’s mother Tioda de Abelgas (top photo) who sadly died at the beginning of this year of a joint infection left untreated by her owner. As I looked at these photos I began to see so many other similarities in addition to their poses. The substantial bone, lovely expression, and sweet, yet fiercely protective nature. I’ve seen the physical characteristics many times in photos of the Abelgas dogs, and am lucky to have Abelgas imports, who both share these characteristics. Because this litter has true Abelgas bloodlines on both sides, Marcia will carry on with this tradition in the coming years. I only hope as a breeder I can do as well in continuing these wonderful and consistent  genetics here in the US, and eventually create my own line by blending the equally fabulous genetics of Brava de Duelos y Quebrantos and Josin del Picu San Martin with the Abelgas lines. Thanks so much to Mastines de Abelgas, Duelos y Quebrantos, and Mastines Picu Sanmartin for breeding such wonderful dogs and for trusting me with your bloodlines.

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