All Spanish Mastiffs need their own chicken to take for walks….

Last night we had a pretty scary situation in our town. A high speed chase ended a mile or so from here, and the guy abandoned his vehicle and ran into the hills, so I decided to put Cabo in the driveway as his size and bark alone are pretty intimidating. This morning, I took my tea out to the patio and found him walking along with this little hen. I love my dogs, they watch over even the smallest of our residents❤️


Fondue (Fawni) is For Sale

Unfortunately, Fawni’s buyer was not able to take her puppy at the last minute, so we are looking for her forever home. Fawni was born 2/16/17 so is 13 weeks old from the current Sele x Oso litter. She weighs 51 lbs. and is UTD on all vaccinations and worming, she had her first vet visit and received her health certificate on May 1st. Fawni currently spends her days with her parents, and other pack members on our ewe and lamb pasture, and is in daily contact with chickens who also free range in that pasture. She is a large, confident girl, and thanks to her experiences in our pack has a pretty good idea of what her job will be as she grows. Fawni would do well in an existing pack, and we are looking for a home where she will have plenty of interaction with humans, other dogs, and livestock. Below, is a video of Fawni with her dad Oso (really blowing coat!) and some still shots. If you would like more information on her and an application, please email us here:


Today 5/17/17

Today is Chili’s last day with our pack, he will be heading to CA tomorrow to join Lynn and Mike Hodson’s pack, where he will meet his two half sisters Juju and Kai. Here is a photo of Chili with two of his favorite playmates and two videos. The first is just Chili being cute, and the second is Chili and his mama playing together….well Chili getting rolled around by his mama might be more accurate. The top photo, is the one that means the most to me. Our dogs here are very protective of their puppies. Until they reach somewhere around 4 months old, puppies are not normally allowed to spend a lot of time hanging around our fencelines, particularly our gates. If a pup catches the attention of an older dog they will usually run them off. Our Great Pyrenees, Thor began a tradition, or ritual that started with Sele and Violet and continues with every puppy who reaches that age here. Today I happened to look outside and saw Sele, Besi, and Brava with Cersei and Chili very deliberately walking the fence line, I grabbed a jacket and headed out there, but all I got was this one photo of the girls coming back and Chili sitting in front of the gate. However I feel fortunate to have caught at least the tail end of this cool doggie tradition. I’m also surprised that Chili was invited along at this age, he’ll be 12 weeks old tomorrow. It is almost like they know he is leaving in the morning and decided to give him a fabulous send off. Good luck in your new home Chili, we will look forward to hearing about your new adventures and watching you grow into the wonderful guardian you were bred to be!


Consistency, It’s In The Bloodlines

The other day I snapped this photo of Besi’s daughter Marcia (bottom photo). It reminded me so much of several photos I have of Besi, (middle photo) and of a photo I happened to have in my files of Besi’s mother Tioda de Abelgas (top photo) who sadly died at the beginning of this year of a joint infection left untreated by her owner. As I looked at these photos I began to see so many other similarities in addition to their poses. The substantial bone, lovely expression, and sweet, yet fiercely protective nature. I’ve seen the physical characteristics many times in photos of the Abelgas dogs, and am lucky to have Abelgas imports, who both share these characteristics. Because this litter has true Abelgas bloodlines on both sides, Marcia will carry on with this tradition in the coming years. I only hope as a breeder I can do as well in continuing these wonderful and consistent  genetics here in the US, and eventually create my own line by blending the equally fabulous genetics of Brava de Duelos y Quebrantos and Josin del Picu San Martin with the Abelgas lines. Thanks so much to Mastines de Abelgas, Duelos y Quebrantos, and Mastines Picu Sanmartin for breeding such wonderful dogs and for trusting me with your bloodlines.

Tiles de Abelgas….he has followers 😄

One of the most patient and good natured young males I’ve ever seen; as long as you aren’t a stray dog or coyote…these puppies follow him everywhere. Cersei is a tail pulling pest, and poor Josin just wants to take a nap 😄