Dorito Litter Week Six

Sele and Oso’s litter is now 6 weeks old. They have been wormed 3 times and have had their first vaccinations. They have spent their days with our pack of adult and teenaged dogs, goats and kids, ewes and lambs, chickens, an elderly Scottish Terrier, a young, active Corgi, 4 children under the age of 9, and a very friendly Manx kitty. This will be their life for the next 4 weeks. We still have 3 ewes due to lamb, so unless they are born in the middle of the night, the puppies will have a chance to witness that as well. All 8 puppies are outgoing and very affectionate in their own ways. I will contact each of my puppy buyers to discuss their choices, today. Enjoy the photos!

Jack knows how to “use his words” you will always know how he feels about any given situation based on the expressive way he uses his voice. Jack is an active guy, and wants to be engaged, he is also one of the first to investigate new things.
Wasabi is a sweet old soul, he was also the first to exhibit guardian instincts; at 4 weeks old he would posture, growl and bark at anyone who invaded his litters sleeping area. Wasabi is a very affectionate boy!
Chili is the litters “middle of the road” guy in terms of temperament. He is outgoing and friendly, as well as inquisitive and has a natural tendency to observe before he reacts. He is an athletic, easygoing boy and really, just a very balanced puppy.
Nacho has already been chosen by his new owner, who drove a long way to meet him! He will be working in a very different atmosphere than the traditional livestock guardian dog, and I am so excited to hear about his adventures!
Baja is an adventurous girl, she has no problem wandering off from her pack to explore. She is a lovely combination of sweetness and courage, and she’s pretty darn cute too!
Roulette is the clown of the litter! She loves to use her paws! She will use them to wave hello, to punch a sibling, and she also really likes to greet people with a puppy dance. She also is incredibly alert and takes a very no nonsense approach to new situations.
Fondue is a beauty! She is a bit more aloof than some of her siblings, and is always aware of her surroundings. She is brave, serious, and can be very affectionate if you go to her. She actually melts for belly rubs.
Salsa likes to hang out with the big girls! We are most likely to find her hanging out with Brava and Cersei in the pasture, or exploring the property with Marcia, Jan and Cindy. Salsa has a steady personality and is going to grow into a fabulous guardian.

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