Yesterday Morning, The Last Time They’ll All Be Together

Our last video of all the pups from both litters, and Josin with the sheep….

Jan and Cindy, on their way to their new homes

Jan and Cindy have gone to their new homes with Aaron Clark and Clark’s Spanish Mastiffs, and Laura Lopez and her family. We had a very nice morning visiting with Aaron, Jan’s new owner, who also gave sis Cindy a ride back to California where Laura and family will meet with him later, to take her to her new home. We look forward to seeing lots of photos of the girls with their new families and livestock. Here are s few photos of the girls trip home sent by Aaron. Congratulations everyone!

Potty Break!
Nap time….
Aaron’s dinner smells really good!

Josin Has Arrived…

And he is even more adorable than his photos indicate! What a personality😊

Just out of his crate….
Catching his first predator…in the motel room!


Our New Boy Is On His Way!

Josin Picu San Martin is on his way from Spain. Here is a video of him taking a stroll at the airport before boarding. What a cutie ❤

Our New Baby Will Arrive Thursday!

Look at his conformation! Beautiful type, level top line great reach in front and angulation in back….I’m in love😍😍😍 Many thanks to Marta Bango and Mastines Picu San Martin!

Today 4/9/17

After another few days of rain, wind, and even a little snow….we have sunshine! Here are a few photos of pups, dogs and sheep enjoying the day… lamb races and our only ewe lamb born this year.




Introducing Josin de Picu San Martin!

We are very excited to announce our newest import! Josin de Picu San Martin will be traveling from  Spain later this month to join our family. Josin is the product of the lovely Pamela de Meandros de Mora Mastinos and Nogal de la Reguera, bred by my new friend Marta Bango and Mastines Picu San Martin. We will be posting more about Josin as his travel date gets closer, for now here are photos of Pamela, Nogal and our darling little Josin, plus a video of Josin exploring his property. Thanks so much to Marta Bango and Mastines Picu San Martin for trusting us with one of their beautiful babies!

Top to bottom Pamela, Nogal and Josin
Josin is already getting a great start with a raw diet!
Josin’s famous grandpa CH. Falo de Autocan


Can We Talk About Cersei??

With all the new puppies, kids and lambs AND the crazy weather, I have not had the chance to give our lovely Cersei the photo ops she deserves! So here she is, quick on her feet, good with the sheep, and just a delight to live with. Even if she does like to tease the older dogs, as you can see, they love her and we do too❤

Cersei de Abelgas


Teasing Brava while she waits for me to let her into the pasture…

At the lamb races….she knows she isn’t supposed to chase so she comes over to where I’m standing with the ewes.

Hanging out with Brava de Duelos y Quebrantos, Tiles de Abelgas and Sele.

Geeze, Where Do I Start? How About New Puppy Owner Introductions!

Because we have so much fun stuff going on here this month, it’s difficult to know where to start! I decided a good place would be to introduce our new puppy owners! So here they are, congratulations everyone 😊

Tiles de Abelgas x Besi Litter

Jan will be going to Aaron and Diana Clark of Clark’s Spanish Mastiffs in Bakersfield CA where she will join two gorgeous puppies recently imported from Mastines de los Piscardos in Spain, and the lovely Great Pyrenees puppy known as Mini. They will all be working on the family ranch guarding sheep, pigs and other assorted livestock and poultry. We also expect to see some gorgeous puppies with a fantastic work ethic coming from the Clark’s in the future!
Cindy will be going to Steven and Laura Lopez in Visalia CA. The Lopez family also own Holly de Duelos y Quebrantos, our Brava’s lovely half sister!

Sele x Oso Litter IMG_4079

Chili and his sister Fondue will be traveling across the country to Greenwood NY. They will guard horses, sheep and goats for Paulette Adams and family of Adams High View Farm.


Salsa and her sister Roulette will be going to Tim and Sue Folk who own the girls’ half siblings Dakota and Cree from the 2014 Sele x Hoss litter. They will join the family in their work guarding sheep, horses and ducks.
Baja will be going to our good friends Joanie and Rick Kabara of Ber-Gust farms in Lima, OH, where she will join existing LGDs Sig and Chloe guarding a variety of livestock
Nacho will be embarking on a very different path with his new owner Clover in Washington state, we cannot wait to post updates on their adventures. If the gorgeous photos I’ve seen so far are any indication, we are in for quite a treat!
Jack will be joining Jennilea Alles Brookins and family on their farm in Lewiston, CA. Jack will work with their existing LGD Agnes in guarding their various livestock animals.
Wasabi will be joining Sarah Keiser and family of the lovely Wild Oat Hollow Farm in Penngrove, CA along with their dog Dash, guarding sheep, goats and poultry.

 Congratulations to our Spring 2017 puppies and their new owners!

Oh and if anyone is wondering….Little Miss Marcia will be staying right here with her mom, dad and the rest of the pack.

Puppy and Sheep Videos

This is a series of videos taken yesterday of both litters. If anyone has questions about specific puppies feel free to call or message me. Enjoy😊