Cersei de Abelgas Has Arrived


Cersei arrived from Spain March 3rd. We were so impressed with her beautiful structure, and courageous and outgoing personality! A trip from Spain to the US takes about 20 hours, and most puppies find it an unnerving experience, and understandably, are somewhat frightened. Because the crate has become a safe space for the puppy, they are usually reluctant to walk out and meet the new people waiting for them. Cersei, had no such fear. It became obvious on the ride home that this is a puppy who views life in a very positive way, she is sweet, affectionate, and seems to be well versed in pack etiquette. Even Sele accepted her, something I didn’t expect because her puppies are just down the hall. It will be a pleasure to watch her grow into the fabulous adult she is sure to become. Once again, my sincere thanks to Mastines de Abelgas for such a wonderful girl.

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