Welcome To Our First Lambs! Oso Was On The Job…

 I had been watching Trixie all morning and she showed no signs of labor, then I looked out the window and saw Oso standing in front of the sheep shed. When Cersei came too close he ran her off so I knew something was up! He spent all afternoon watching over these two little guys, good job Oso!

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Happy National Puppy Day!

Sele’s Doritos Are 4 Weeks Old, and Are Out With The Pack

The Doritos are now old enough to take their place outside with the rest of the pack and livestock. They are pretty exhausted at the moment as they spent the morning moving, having photos taken and meeting everyone, after a big meal of goats milk and ground beef, they cuddled up with mom and are taking a well earned nap!


Besi’s Girls 5 Weeks

Marcia, Jan and Cindy have now been living outside for a week. They’ve met the rest of the pack, lots of small children, chickens, sheep and this morning, newborn kids and Sele’s litter, who just moved outside today. It’s been an incredibly busy and fun time, and finally I nailed Kevin down to hold puppies for individual photos. One more week and we’ll be choosing puppies!


Sele’s Doritos 3 Weeks Old and Busy!

Sele’s kids are growing and developing quickly. As you can see in the video, they want out of the puppy pen so they can start to explore. Our grandson spent the weekend with us, and he and the pups had a great time playing on the floor and getting some puppy/kid bonding time in. Later this week they also begin spending time outside with the livestock, cat, chickens and the rest of our now very diverse pack. The next few weeks are going to be such a fun time! Please enjoy this video taken on their 3 week birthday, individual photos will be coming later in the week.


Besi’s Girls ~ Week 4

Marcia, Jan and Cindy are growing so quickly! They are all within 3 ozs. of each other in weight, and aside from small differences in color and facial expression, it is very difficult to tell who is who. They are now living outside full time with mama, they’ve met the other pack members and are able to freely interact with them, although Besi is still a bit overprotective, and tries hard to keep them together, she is beginning to relax. They’ve also met sheep through the fence and sometime this week will begin living in the yard with one of my older does and her kids…..as soon as she kids! For now here is a short video of the girls from last week on their one month birthday, enjoy!


Cersei de Abelgas Has Arrived


Cersei arrived from Spain March 3rd. We were so impressed with her beautiful structure, and courageous and outgoing personality! A trip from Spain to the US takes about 20 hours, and most puppies find it an unnerving experience, and understandably, are somewhat frightened. Because the crate has become a safe space for the puppy, they are usually reluctant to walk out and meet the new people waiting for them. Cersei, had no such fear. It became obvious on the ride home that this is a puppy who views life in a very positive way, she is sweet, affectionate, and seems to be well versed in pack etiquette. Even Sele accepted her, something I didn’t expect because her puppies are just down the hall. It will be a pleasure to watch her grow into the fabulous adult she is sure to become. Once again, my sincere thanks to Mastines de Abelgas for such a wonderful girl.

Sele’s Doritos~ 2 Weeks

This is a pack of fat, happy babies! Eyes are all at least partially open, if you look close, you might be able to tell.