Our Newest Import! Cersei de Abelgas

We are very excited to welcome this gorgeous little girl to our family! Cersei de Abelgas will arrive March 3rd from Mastines de Abelgas. Cersei is a Corso de Abelgas daughter out of Llara de Abelgas. She is also a granddaughter to the fabulous Pastora de Abelgas. We hope you enjoy this video of our beautiful new girl.

Congratulations Sele and Oso!

Today we welcome 8 beautiful new little souls, 5 females and 3 males. Sele, did a fabulous job bringing her new babies into the world today. Afterwards, she posed for a few photos and had a bite to eat. At the moment everyone is taking a much deserved nap. Good job Sele!


*****SOLD***** These Girls Need a Job and a Family

img_2350img_1881img_1882Offering to the right home; Jubilee and Chimera are a well started two year old sibling pair, ¾ Spanish Mastiff and 1/8 each Maremma and Anatolian Shepherd. They have extensive experience with sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits, as well as cats and small children. Both girls are very well socialized and walk well on a lead and willingly jump into a vehicle, all important if you ever need to transport them. Sadly, their owner was unable to keep them. They have been here for a month and are doing a fabulous job filling in for my two pregnant females. They are incredibly versatile girls and have performed well guarding both sheep and goats. They are completely safe with chickens and if introduced properly with small dogs as well. I cannot say enough good things about these girls, they are so steady and just a pleasure to work with.They will be spayed on February 16th, so will be available for pick up the first week of March. Because they are ready and able to meet so many requirements, the girls have a couple of their own; they must go as a pair, and they will do better in a home where they receive daily human contact, as they were raised on a small family farm. Interested parties can contact me via email at hoofandfang@gmail.com or private message me on FB.

Besi’s Puppies Have Arrived!

Introducing Marcia, Jan and Cindy! Born 02/09/2017 mom and girls are all doing great! Everyone is fat and healthy and Besi is a fabulous mamma, we are very happy to welcome our new baby girls into the world.  No puppies are available from this litter. We hope you enjoy the video of Besi bonding with her little firstborn Marcia ❤

Diversity….it’s a good thing

This is our Besi, she is the definition of diverse. She can go from roaring a challenge at a pack of coyotes, to cuddling a ewe, to spending family time in the house letting our three year old grandson give her hugs. This temperament is typical of most Spanish Mastiffs, and it’s why I, and everyone I know who has one of these fabulous dogs is so in love  with them.

Besi and her ewe