Our Spanish Mastiffs And Their Sheep… What A Lovely Bond!

Our Spanish Mastiffs have such a sweet bond with their sheep! Even though each of these dogs has spent time inside with the family, they eagerly go back to their sheep  afterwards, even in the sub zero temperatures we’ve been experiencing this week. While we love having our dogs inside to visit it’s very important to limit time in the house especially during the winter months as rapid and drastic temperature changes aren’t good for them. Instead, we go out to them for visits and of course there’s always feeding time to check everyone out and get in some individual ear scratching time. In addition good, draft free shelters with plenty of straw keep both dogs and sheep warm. Hope you enjoy the photos!

The Rock Stars Are Going to Have Siblings!

We are excited to announce Sele and Oso are expecting a repeat of last years “Rock Star” litter on or around February 17th. These will be 3/4 Spanish Mastiff and 1/8 each Maremma and Anatolian Shepherd. This will be Sele’s last litter and our last LGD cross litter. Congratulations Sele and Oso!

Photos of last years litter can be found here:


I will also be updating these soon so check back often!

Merry Christmas from Sele, Oso, Besi, Cabo, and Brava🎄

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Spanish Mastiff Puppies!

We are very happy and excited to announce that we are expecting puppies! Besi surprised us with an early cycle. After rushing her to the vet for hip x rays and routine pre natal blood work (her appointment was set for the 29th) Our vet pronounced her healthy and fit to breed. We have a confirmed tie with Cabo as of this morning and will expose her one more time tomorrow. We are very excited about this wonderful combination of Abelgas and Puerta Canencia bloodlines, and look forward to a healthy litter on or around February 11th.