Over the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing these awesome posts from Abelgas on my FB feed that is basically a chronicle of their journey with their sheep and dogs to market where they will sell the sheep. I talked to Viole, and with her permission am posting these still photos. I think they tell a really wonderful story of the way shepherds and dogs work together as a team in Spain. I also think it is a pretty fabulous testament to just how diverse the Spanish Mastiff is in terms of guarding ability and stamina. It is my understanding that this journey lasts approximately a week, during which time shepherd, dogs and 100’s of sheep walk and camp together on their way to what translates in English to “The Port” I was thrilled to see many of our Cabo’s relatives in these photos, most especially the one of his mom Dori and litter sister Clara. These are the bloodlines our Oso, Besi and Cabo originate from. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!

the port 3
Gregorio and his flock, I don’t know which dog he is pictured with
Abelgas sheep to port
The dogs tend to travel along side, and at the front and back of the flocks, you can also see some interspersed within the flock. Notice how closely they stay to the sheep.
Abelgas shepherd
I love this photo and the next! So many in the U.S. advocate against interaction with their livestock guardian dogs… you can see this is totally unnecessary!
Abelgas shepherd 1
They are clearly enjoying each other’s company!
Dori and Clara
This is Cabo’s mom and litter sister. His mother Dori is in back and his sister Clara is in front.
the port
Lots and lots of sheep! I didn’t verify it, but I believe this is Cabo’s dad Trabanco at the bottom left of the photo.
the port 2
Heading into town.
The port 1
There were several photos of towns the group traveled through. I thought it was very cool that in many of the towns people stood outside to wave as they went by.

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