Mentor Dogs are Awesome!

A really great benefit of raising puppies in a pack atmosphere is that there are usually one or two dogs who act as mentors to puppies. During the first few months, this is a fairly easy job. However, as puppies head into adolescence they require more attention, especially if there is only one. Because they don’t have a puppy partner in crime, they usually have one or two lambs or kids who are willing to jump around and play with them. As cute as this seems, it’s a bad habit that must never be allowed to get started. While I love hearing from my buyers how well their 14 week old babies are doing, the real test comes between the ages of 6 months up to around 18 months. This is when they really need to be supervised, because they’re big enough to actually injure a lamb or ewe and to develop chasing behaviors that quickly become very difficult to break. Cabo, our 8 month old Spanish import, has been toying with the idea over the past week or two, so he is now in with Sele and Oso during the day. Oso, is kind dog, he will place himself between lambs and Cabo, if they look like they’re getting feisty, but keeps things pretty cool. Sele, on the other hand, is a little more proactive. In this video, she had just put Cabo on the ground for being too forward with these lambs, and is watching to make sure he doesn’t repeat the livestock foul. Watch the body language going on between all three dogs, excuse the occasional fingers in the shot, and enjoy the video!

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