How To Behave With The Livestock

In this first video, Cabo and Brava have just entered the ewe and lamb pasture after breakfast. They always take a walk through before settling down for the day. Notice they are calm and both sheep and dogs are a little curious, but not afraid of each other. Sheep like these are very important when starting puppies, as they are accustomed to having dogs around them all the time, so do not panic or run which would give the puppies a reason to follow and eventually encourage chasing behaviors. We love our sheep because they are so calm. We even have two ewes who will gently butt an over zealous puppy away if the need arises. Guest appearance by Oso, who along with Sele, helps to supervise these two youngsters. He decided the last shot really should be all about him.

I am so impressed with how calm Brava is specifically with these 4 to 5 month old lambs, who are very curious about this new girl and so spend several minutes getting acquainted. She is not only calm, but shows no fear when confronted with several lambs at once, and even greets them on her own terms. I love her stable steady personality!




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