The puppies have bonded! Cabo will be 8 months old on the 13th and Brava was 3 months old yesterday. One of my favorite things is watching how calm and relaxed they are wandering through the sheep every morning before it gets hot and everyone beds down for the day. I am so happy to see this relationship as I worried about Cabo growing up as a single puppy, and wasn’t sure that Brava would be old enough to keep up. It’s so important to both their physical and mental development to grow up in pairs or groups. As illustrated in earlier videos, the puppies are more inclined to play with each other rather than their livestock. They are also able to learn about and use each other’s strengths in a more effective way when a threat appears, because they’ve been practicing since the very beginning! As you can see in this video of Brava and Cabo playing in the back yard early this morning after breakfast, Brava is keeping up with Cabo just fine!

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