Sele and Oso’s Babies Are Ready To Go

This week most of our puppies will be going to their new homes. We are lucky enough to have great buyers in California, Washington, Montana and this time, one pair will be staying locally here in Northern Nevada. This video was taken early in the morning after the ewes finished their hay and wandered out into this small pasture. The puppies are now well indoctrinated in this daily ritual and tend to wander with the sheep. They are with their mom (who is thrilled to be back with her ewes!), dad, Violet and Cabo this morning and you can see the atmosphere is very laid back.One of the reasons, I prefer not to have winter litters is because of the benefit of puppies and livestock spending so much more time together in this type of environment, rather than sticking to more enclosed areas as is common when the weather goes below zero. In addition, they also have the benefit of being exposed to young kids and lambs as well who were also born in Spring, and of course the chickens are out and about rather than in the hen house. All of these experiences stay with the puppies and they leave here confident and well prepared to approach new situations and different livestock animals appropriately. Enjoy the video!

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