And Now For Something Completely Different

It’s been a very busy Spring here, raising a litter of puppies and getting them ready for their new homes. In addition, we added two new imports to our Spanish Mastiff family! This week, we also added a new addition to our dairy goats. Please join us in welcoming GCH Goldthwaite Alanna!  Llana comes to us from Nevada Stars Dairy Goats in Springcreek NV. Here she is joining her daughter Nevada Stars Something Spicy, and the rest of our dairy girls, some of who she knows from Nevada Stars. The reunion between Llana and Spicy was adorable and I think the rest of the girls like her too! Thank you Jennifer and Mary for this beautiful lady! I hope you enjoy the video.

After a Long Flight Brava is Here

What a fabulous puppy! She is sweet and sensitive and built like a tank. Combine that with this gorgeous little face and we have perfection! We couldn’t be more pleased, and am very grateful to Duelos y Quebrantos for sending us this wonderful girl. Below is a video of her first encounter with Annabelle and her twins. Annabelle is our resident puppy starter as she is kind and tolerant with puppies, but will gently butt them away if they get too invasive or rough. So far, Brava’s experience has been mainly with cattle, so we were very pleased to see her reaction to much smaller animals. Welcome Brava!

Brava Is Getting So Big, And She’ll Be Here Thursday!

Finally! After waiting a little over a year, our beautiful Spanish baby will be flying in to SLC on Thursday. According to her breeder, Brava is huge! 52 lbs. and not yet 11 weeks old. He says she is impressive, with a very solid personality, and wanders freely in with the sheep and cattle. These photos were taken of her yesterday. We are so excited to meet her and will post more photos when she arrives. Have a safe trip Brava!


Oso The Lunch Lady


Oso believes any livestock guardian dog worth their salt makes sure ALL of his (or her) charges are getting enough to eat. Every afternoon at feeding time, this is where he is, walking back and forth making sure no one is getting pushed off the hay. If they do, he always uses his body to make a space for whoever is getting left out. I have GOT to get video of this!!!

Sele and Oso’s Babies Are Ready To Go

This week most of our puppies will be going to their new homes. We are lucky enough to have great buyers in California, Washington, Montana and this time, one pair will be staying locally here in Northern Nevada. This video was taken early in the morning after the ewes finished their hay and wandered out into this small pasture. The puppies are now well indoctrinated in this daily ritual and tend to wander with the sheep. They are with their mom (who is thrilled to be back with her ewes!), dad, Violet and Cabo this morning and you can see the atmosphere is very laid back.One of the reasons, I prefer not to have winter litters is because of the benefit of puppies and livestock spending so much more time together in this type of environment, rather than sticking to more enclosed areas as is common when the weather goes below zero. In addition, they also have the benefit of being exposed to young kids and lambs as well who were also born in Spring, and of course the chickens are out and about rather than in the hen house. All of these experiences stay with the puppies and they leave here confident and well prepared to approach new situations and different livestock animals appropriately. Enjoy the video!