A Typical Day in the Life of Our Puppies ~ Part Two

In this video, you can really see pack dynamics at work. Cabo, our 6 month old Spanish import is still a baby himself and really enjoys playing with the puppies. Sele, will allow this until things get a little too rough, then she gently corrects Cabo and stays in the area to supervise the play. Cabo, who like our puppies, has been pack -raised from birth, is respectful of her wishes. The puppies are also getting a lesson as they learn to interact with older dogs in a respectful manner, a characteristic that is important for a puppy going to a new home with older, established dogs. When looking for a livestock guardian puppy, so often a buyer does not have the opportunity to observe interactions in person, so it is important to be able to view your puppies and their parents in different media forms, interacting with various pack members and livestock animals to insure you are getting a healthy puppy from healthy parents. A puppy that is confident when introduced to new experiences. One of the reasons we only breed Spring puppies is because they are able to have these experiences in both enclosed and open areas, and are able to be comfortable moving around in a bigger world during this time. This is something that is more difficult to achieve when the temperatures drop well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit and both livestock and dogs are spending most of their time in a more enclosed area.

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