Pack Raised Siblings Are The Best!

Puppies and litter mates Jubilee and Chimera (5 months old) already exhibit the benefits of raising siblings together. Notice how they prefer to play with each other, rather than with the sheep. Also, as they get too close to the sheep, they stop and turn away from them. This is a direct result of two factors. First, they were born and started in a pack environment. This makes for calm, adaptable and confident puppies who leave their pack with foundational LGD behaviors already well-shaped. No one speaks the language of dog as well as another dog! Second, raising siblings together allows the pups to maintain a pack dynamic in which they can rehearse and reinforce their new LGD skills. As these siblings grow, they will develop more sophisticated skills and function as a true team to protect their herds and flocks. Jubilee and Chi are now building their livestock guarding skills at Bridget and Ben Piccioni’s Heritage Forks Farm in Veneta OR.


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