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Thanks for visiting Hoof and Fang Spanish Mastiffs!

Thankfully, the hottest part of summer has passed, hopefully the smoke from the fires surrounding us will dissipate soon as well. Faith and her litter are all doing great, they are hanging with mom and pack for a few hours a day in the pasture with the sheep, and then back to their pen to let mom have some puppy free time. Updated photos snd video will be posted this week.

I don’t think Marcia and Tomas have a litter coming but will update as things develop. If she is open, I will try her one last time before she turns five next year. I will be taking Bella for an ultrasound and puppy count the third week in September. I have waiting lists started for both litters, so anyone interested in either should likely get their application turned in.

I’m also happy to announce that we have been approved as a “Good Breeder” through Good Dog, a screening site for breeders, and awarded a recognition badge for health testing practices. You can read more about Good Dog here :

I am still working on updating several pages within our website. I have finally finished pages for our males and females respectively, who we plan on breeding over the next few years. We have added several new young dogs to our breeding program over the last year, go check them out! All of our dogs can also be seen in the many still photos and videos on our “Posts” link. .

As always, we have a lot of sheep, goats, pigs, turkeys and chickens, not to mention small dogs and children and even a couple of cats, all of which our puppies are freely exposed to. We take pride in keeping our site up to date and accurate, unless otherwise specified, our photos and videos are all current and the dogs pictured live here and are part of our breeding program, as is the livestock. The best way to contact us is via email at or at the phone number listed below.

42 thoughts on “Spanish Mastiff Home

  1. I am a Spanish mastiff owner and follow many of the breeders from around the world. I bought my first one from an unscrupulous US breeder and almost gave up hope that anyone out there was looking after the breed rather than their wallet. I see you Laura as a great Steward to the breed and I commend you on your efforts to provide healthy, good bloodlines. It has given me hope that the US will keep this breed healthy and fresh . They are the most amazing dogs on the planet . Thank you so much for your efforts , Beck

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  2. Hi, I wanted to comment on how beautiful your Mastiffs are. I have owned English Mastiffs in the past, but recently found a new respect for the Spanish Mastiff. Please let me know if you have any available or have litters in the future.

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  3. Hello, we have a couple of small farms in Northern California and we are very interested in purchasing a puppy. Please give us a call. 530-552-0333

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  4. Hello this is William Perrin just admiring your SM’s some of the true dogs I have so far very nice respectfully please keep up the great work I will be looking to start running some of my own in the near future. And It would be truly awesome to start with hoof and fang SM’s again really Love and respect what you’re doing.

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    1. Thank you so much William! Raising and training Spanish Mastiffs is truly a labor of love here! We have learned so much about this breed, and are focused on producing the healthiest, most well balanced Spanish Mastiffs available here in the US.


      1. Well I have done a lot of research and homework on the breed for a few years now and still learning . But I feel the best teacher of learning something is hands on training and to one day soon own some of them myself can’t wait!!!!!

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  5. Hello, I have 10 acres with Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens, ducks and cats. My English Mastiff boxer mix is doing a good job of guarding but needs a partner. I’m interested in the Spanish mastiff breed. Can you let me know if you will have any available in the near future? I live in the Kansas City area.

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  6. Congratulations on your new litter from Cabo and Bakira! And double congrats on joining Good Dog! This is wonderful news. Love your program and your dogs ❤


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